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Heather had recently created a new technology blog with a google page rank of just one. Heather had hired an SEO Hosting company to help increase her Google page rank from one to three by the end of the year for the new technology blog she had created. The SEO hosting company was able to work directly with the search algorithms google had put in place for the year and Heather saw the page rank of her website go from one to three by the end of the year. The SEO hosting company had used a series of techniques in order to ensure the blog Heather had created was going to rank high in Google. One of the techniques the SEO host had used was a link building strategy which focused on providing a number of high quality links sent directly to the technology blog Heather had created over a series of just twelve months. The SEO host had done this by following the rules set in place by the search algorithms of Google and not over stepping their boundaries when the search query proved to be ineffective.

It was this type of thinking which led the SEO host to continue to work directly with Heather and her new technology blog to see if they had the possibility of raising her google rank of her web page to level six, instead of just level three. The SEO services company were made aware there was going to be much more involved in ranking the technology blog Heather had created through a simple back lseo-hosting-servicesink strategy and thus began working on alternative measures to improve the search engines level of efficiency through Heather’s blog. The SEO services company decided it was time Heather start creating content on her blog, but the content must be of extremely high quality and must contain information which was going to help people better understand an area of interest, rather than just being content word fill. The SEO services business had created a few content pieces of their own after getting in contact with a digital marketing agency, which was willing to supply informational content about the technology industry a couple of times each week in order to help get the technology blog Heather had created moving forward on the internet. The first technology piece written for the blog Heather had created was an informational story about the cloud computing industry and how this industry is helping to better secure private data networks through online streaming and sharing of documents.

The second article written and published for Heather was concerning the social media trends and how this type of online networking is better connecting people in their younger years with other like minded individuals with similar ideas for internet collaboration. Based on these two articles, Heather had been able to increase her google page rank from three to five within two months and her technology blog was better for it as a result of the great content and helpful back linking. This was not the first time the SEO business had increased the google page rank of a blog such as Heather’s and the team was looking forward to using these same strategies to implement similar blogs for google search in the near future. The google search algorithms are forever consistent with the way people search for content online and as a result, the content being produced must stay updated during all times of the year. The same goes for the content, which is being sent through a back link to a specified blog or web page.